Our research, so far, has been supported by the following federal agencies and Institutes: 

Funded External Grants
  1. National Science Foundation (NSF) ACI-1651724 [US$ 499,999], “CAREER: Towards Fast and Scalable Algorithms for Big Proteogenomics Data Analytics”, Fahad Saeed (PI), April 2017-April 2022
  2. National Institutes of Health (NIH) R15GM120820 [US$ 418,533], “Parallel Algorithms for Big Data from Mass Spectrometry based Proteomics”, Fahad Saeed (PI), April 2017 - April 2020 
  3. National Science Foundation (NSF) REU Supplement [US$ 16,000], “CRII: SHF: HPC Solutions to Big NGS Data Compression”, Fahad Saeed (PI), Feb 2016 - Feb 2018
  4. National Science Foundation (NSF) CCF-1464268 [US$ 171,341], “CRII: SHF: HPC Solutions to Big NGS Data Compression”, Fahad Saeed (PI), (Feb 2015 - Feb 2018
  5. National Science Foundation (NSF) CNS-1250264 [US$ 200,000], “EAGER: High Performance Algorithms and Implementations for Biological Sequence Analysis and Genome Alignment”, Ashfaq Khokhar, Fahad Saeed (Co-PI) (Sept 2012 - Aug 2015)
Equipment/Computing Allocations
  1. NVIDIA [US$ 1149], “High Performance Algorithms for Big Data Proteomics”, Fahad Saeed (PI) (Equipment Grant for NVIDIA TITAN Xp GPU), August 2018
  2. National Science Foundation XSEDE renewal grant TG-CCR150017 [30,000 Service Units (SU)/6TB SDSC Disk Storage: US$ 6564], “A Distributed-Shared Memory Strategy to Speedup the Compression of Big Next-Generation Sequencing Datasets”, Fahad Saeed (PI)(June 2016 - June 2018)
  3. National Science Foundation XSEDE startup grant TG-CCR150017 [30,000 Service Units (SU)], “Scalability study of compression algorithms for peta scale NGS data”, Fahad Saeed (PI), (June 2015 - June 2016)
  4. Intel Altera [US$ 16,000], “Short Reads mapping to the genome using reconfigurable hardware”, Fahad Saeed(PI) (Equipment Grant, 2 DE5-NET-450 FPGA’s), April 2014
  5. NVIDIA [US$ 5499], “High Performance Algorithms for Genome Alignments”, Fahad Saeed (PI) (Equipment Grant for Tesla K40 GPU), Feb 2014
Funded Intramural Grants
  1. Office of Vice President of Research,Western Michigan University (WMU) [US$ 129,570]“Scalable Algorithms for Big Proteogenomics Data Analytics”, Fahad Saeed (PI), April 2017 - April 2020
  2. College and Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS), Western Michigan University (WMU) [US$ 41,650], “Developing HPC solutions to big fMRI data”, Fahad Saeed (PI), April 2017 - June 2018